Die sanften Riesen aus Kärnten. Hobby Maine Coon Zucht Kärnten.

About us.

From our love of animals, especially cats have always accompanied us, we decided to start a small but first-class Hoppy breed. Each of our animals is an absolute unique, unmistakable, irreplaceable. Through the round about way of acquaintance with Norwegian forest cats, we have come across the Coonies Maine Coon, “the gently giant´s”, and began an exciting new experience. If our cats are doing well, we are doing well. For this reason they get all the love and care they need. The whole family takes care of the cats and are present around the clock for the cats. In collaboration with our association and the local veterinarian we can name first-class Main Coon Parents our own.

Our Connys...

...can move in our house on 140m2 free, further they have around the clock free access to a Conny house adjacent to the house. Where the cats can move freely in the wind, the sun and the snow, and they can dig in sand and grass. We only live a few kilometers outside the beautiful castle town of Friesach, which is worth a visit all year round. Come by and take a look.

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