Die sanften Riesen aus Kärnten. Maine Coon Zucht Kärnten.

We are, like all Serious Breeders, interested in keeping our animals loving and kind-hearted. This is usually self-evident, but a few important points. You should consider, if you let your cats run free whether a breed cat like a Main Coon it would be more sensible to restrict the exit at least. Accessible enclosures are an advantage. Do not buy a cat as a gift or as a surprise! If we are aware of this, we will immediately return to the sale. Maine Coons will be relatively large, you should be absolutely clear about it and put in your house appropriate scratching trees. Since we are in the process of building our breed, we are not selling any of our cats into a breeding, but this will certainly change in the coming years.  At delivery, the kittens receive all necessary papers and health certificates. The trunk Papers (Birth papers) is only available after the young cats have grown up and then get castrated or sterilized. All documents are, of course, available at any time.

Important average data of a purebred matured Maine Coon.


Shoulder height:    

until 40 cm


100 – 120 cm (Nose till tale)


 Male (on average 7 – 12 kg)
 Female (on average 5 – 8 kg)

Kitten buy reserve or deliver.

  • Buy / Reserve:  You have the possibility to reserve a kitten at an advance payment of the purchase price. This will be noted immediately on the homepage. However, a kitten is bought only when the full amount is made there should be a delay, the kitten will be free again and you will receive your deposit minus expenses. If you wish to withdraw from the sale by giving reasons, you will of course receive your full deposit.
  • Even pick up: You can pick up your kitten from the 12 week onwards.
  • To deliver : On request, my husband also provides the kitten to your home.


Our kittens can be picked up at 14 weeks of age 
Before Pick up the kitten is immunized twice against cat flu and feline distemper,
They are also dewormed several times, micro chipped and tested by our veterinary.
If the cat is sold outside of Austria it will get an international vaccination card
and an additional immunization against rabies. 

We also would like to point out that we DO NOT Ship Kittens or Cats!!!

Every single kitten or cat must be personally picked up here at the cattery!

The price of the kitten depends upon:

Color, Sex, Pet or Breeder

Please call or email for more detailed information

Name: Kusko

Sex: Male

Colour: White-Red

Birth: 21.08.21


Name: Karlo


Colour: White-Red

Birth: 21.08.2021

Available: Yes